Unique Travel Programs

For almost 40 years Academy International Travel Service has been creating educational and exciting trips for our clients. As a full-service agency we specialize in unique travel experiences that take our travelers off the tourist track. Many of our tours focus on specific cultures, literary or film locations, and academic interests to name a few. But we do like to have fun.

Highland and Islands
of Scotland

On this 10 day  program we explore some of the vastly different landscapes of Scotlnd. The Highlands with mountains, ancient castles, and Lochs tucked into valleys is the traditional home of  the "Gaels." The Western Isles are mostly unspoilt with waterfalls, sandy beaches, and small seaside villages.

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Interested in a Customized Tour For Your Group?

We can help you organize a travel program for your particular group--students, congregation, alumni association, museum, etc. Academy Travel can arrange tours with a focus on your special interests. We will customize the itinerary with emphasis on the "off-the-beaten" track locations to meet your needs.

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Explore The World

Middle East

Journey to the Middle East and follow a well-worn trail to historic and holy places that travelers and pilgrims of all faiths have visited for almost two milennia.


After visiting Cairo and the pyramids, explore all of Egypt the way that Caesar and Cleopatra did—with a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan and then on to Abu Simbal.


The Ancient Greek experience continues to resonate throughout our modern Western world in literature, art, philosophy, politics, and more.


Turkey is an ideal classroom for exploring our human past:  layers of ancient Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture and art throughout the land.

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