Holy Land Pilgrimages

The biblical narratives find their setting in various lands extending all the way from present-day Iran (setting of the book of Esther) to Italy (Paul’s letter to the Romans and his final days).  However center stage of the “Holy Land” falls within modern Israel, and every year hundreds of church groups make meaningful pilgrimages to the holy sites in Israel. Also many college and seminary professors lead study tours that focus on Israel’s rich historical and archaeological heritage.  Academy Travel plans and arranges many such pilgrimages and study programs each year, especially for ministers and teachers who want their trip to be a little different from the standard “Holy Land Tour,” and who want to design an itinerary that fits the interests and needs of their particular group.

For a full experience of the Holy Land, a pilgrimage really should include Jordan with Israel.  Jordan encompasses the biblical lands of Gilead, Moab and Edom, for example, and it was from Mount Nebo (also in Jordan) that Moses viewed the “Land of Canaan.” Yet Jordan has so much more to offer.  Everyone wants to see Petra; indeed many would say that Petra alone is worth the trip to Jordan.  But there are many other highlights as well, including the spectacular Roman ruins of Jerash, Kerak’s massive crusader fortifications, and the Umayyad desert castles.  Jordan offers varied and spectacular topography—in addition to the panoramic view from Mount Nebo, for example, there is the unexpected and massive beauty of Wady el-Mujib and “moonscape” topography of Wady Rum.  In short, Jordan stands on its own as a destination for educational and special interest travel.  But it can be combined with either Israel or Syria, depending on the focus of the travel group.

The Middle East

Journey to the Middle East and follow a well worn trail to historic and holy places which have been visited by travelers and pilgrims of all faiths for almost two milennia.

We invite you to explore the Middle East by building your own program using the unusual and "off the beaten track" areas that can offer your travelers the best possible learning experience.

Academy International Travel Services has extremely close contacts in the Middle East to enhance your travel experiences.